Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking for hawaiian outfits for your doll? Take a look at these sets from Aunt Bees Old Sew N Sew on Etsy

 I happened upon this shop on Etsy that had some adorable "surfing" shorts and Hawaiian inspired tops and  I had to share them with you! These fantastic outfits can be found on Etsy at Aunt Bees Old Sew N Sew
The shorts have a side band that match the tops too cute!
 The set costs$15.00 each and are perfectly inspired by this years Girl of the Year doll Kanani from American Girl and as you can see looks great on other 18 inch dolls.
I also love how Bee posed the dolls with the hand made surfboard!
I asked Aunt Bee about her shop and family and she tells me
she started sewing doll clothes when she was 5, but American Girl/18 Inch doll clothes when her oldest daughter was about 4 years old. (12 years ago)

A lady at Joann Fabrics told Bee about one day when she was shopping for fabric for her nieces 18 inch doll. Her husband told her that she should list the extra clothes she had made on there. " I was encouraged by my first sale and haven't looked back." says Bee

How did she get started with American girl dolls? Bee says  "I bought each one of my three daughters an 18 inch doll when they started Kindergarten. Kayla (the oldest) picked out a blonde haired blue eyed American Girl Doll from a local shop. When my twins Amanda and Brittany started school the shop had closed and I couldn't afford American Girl Dolls so they picked out Tiny Tots Dolls from Target. I have since "borrowed" the girls dolls to use as models for my shop.
I like creating something new that no one has ever done before. So far my favorite has been the pettiskirts and butterfly slouch shirts. They are so cute and unique."
What are your future plans for your shop?
"Some day I hope to have my own website, but for now I sell on Etsy only. They have been really good to me and they reach all over the world. I have talked with some really neat people from other countries and even continents!"

"Aunt Bee" makes these outfits and many more fantastic doll play items like Wizard costumes and "Snuggies". I highly recommend checking out these fun doll clothes.
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