Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Seattle American Girl Doll Store has now openned

Well some of you may already know this if you follow my columns on that I was at the soft opening for the new American Girl doll store in Seattle last month. I was there on assignment for and it was truly an amazing experience. You can read tips on how to get the most out of your visit in my article from Doll Diaries at Seattle store located in Alderwood Mall was my 4th visit to an American Girl doll Flag ship store. This one is the first one I have been too where everything is conveniently on one floor.

Even though it is only one floor it still has all the important elements of the other American Girl stores I have been in in the past.
My first impression when I walked in the store was overwhelming. The store is bright and welcoming despite Seattle's often dreary weather the store makes you forget all that once you are in side.

The bistro is a sight to behold and is beautifully decorated with Gerber daises on the tables and even a fantastic chandelier. The Bistro can accommodate up to 50 people and has an open a la cart menu so you can order some amazing food starting under $5.00.

The desert menu is also wonderful and I can not wait to go back and eat, it was closed the day I was there. The store is very well laid out with the Historical Doll area, Doll of the Year area, Bitty Baby and Twin section and Just like you dolls.

The busiest area by far was (and will likely be always busy) the hair salon and ear piercing area. While I was checking out the salon area I met a family from Toronto Canada, who where at the mall quite by chance and happened upon the store, their youngest daughter had one of her two dolls with her and was having her dolls hair styled. I asked if I could photograph her dolls hair and they happily agreed. Their daughter Kaylee posed happily with her doll sporting her new professionally styled hairstyle. Kaylee told me that she also has Ivy at home but brought "Gabby" with her and that Gabby was her just like me doll.

The outfit her doll Gabby is wearing in the photo was handmade by her very talented Grandmother.  I could tell by the look on her face and the faces of her parents and sister that this American Girl Store experience was one they will remember and talk about for years to come.

I have to say that while I was in the shop I could not help but pick up some items for myself that I will show you in many up coming posts. One of the things I highly recommend picking up on your day at American Girl is the store exclusives. From the doll store t-shirts (I started collecting and now have 5 of the 11 store red shirts for my dolls) to the Party Treat Set and cup and saucer sets and not to forget the sweet treat seats, the very same ones they use at the bistro are available to purchase and take home. These are things I recommend because like me if you do not pick them up when you are in the store you will kick yourself later!

I had a fantastic day at the American Girl doll store in Seattle and I hope that many of you living here on the West Coast will get the chance to spend some time in this great store.

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