Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wonderful doll coats from Winter's Edge Home

I found the most adorable coats for our 18 inch dolls  from an Etsy shop called Winters's Edge Home  and shop owner Ann aka momawake.
I was drawn to the colors and patterns that Ann uses and her photography is fantastic, you can really see the details in her work in this shot

 These fantastic coats are priced starting at $10, a must have for any doll wardrobe with out breaking the bank.
 I love this coat on Molly priced at $11.00
I love the coat collars 
This one in purple also caught my eye, such a fun print.
I asked Ann about her shop and her hobbies and this is what she shared with me.
 Ann's family consists of herself, her husband and her daughter who's 16. They are a small family with diverse interests ranging from Star Trek to American Girl.

Ann likes to knit, quilt (her favorite part of quilting is shopping for fabric), reading and sew. Ann is passionate about homeschooling, small government and her local farmer friends.

As for American Girl Ann's husband bought their daughter her first doll (Josefina) when she was 7. Ann  didn't even know he was going to do that! Now they have up to 20 AG dolls and 5 others from Life of Faith and Vision Forum.

As for sewing, Ann started with a Raggedy Ann doll for her daughter when she was little. She says the first outfit she made was a robe for Barbie, however she does not have a recollection of that at all. One of the reasons Ann started sewing for the AG dolls was she could make a better quality outfit for less money. Anne is not sure she has a favorite thing to make although she enjoys making the coats she sells because they go together quickly.

Ann sells mainly doll coats and aprons in her Etsy shop, but  also sell to friends.She had one friend ask for a mini wardrobe which included, pajamas, a skirt, two jackets and a dress.Sewing seems to run in the family Ann says  "My daughter made leggings and a knit t-shirt to go with the mini-wardrobe"
Ann says
"I enjoy sewing and creating to provide extra spending money for me as well as donate some of my proceeds to friends who have adopted from Eastern Europe. I hope I can continue to do it for many years to come!"
Ann also has a has a blog about her life at
be sure to take a look at her shop as well at

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  1. Thanks so much!
    I should also give credit to my daughter, Amy who helps with photography as well as with listing items on Etsy.

  2. Great assortment of prints. I like the purple one as well.