Friday, August 12, 2011

Doll sized Alphabet blocks! A great craft store find.

Wandering the isles at Michael's and enjoying their air conditioning on a warm summer day I came across these adorable blocks that are absolutely perfect doll sized blocks.
Great Doll play idea here but if your 18 inch American girl doll is baby sitting the bitty twins this is a perfect activity for her to do with them not to mention a great photo op. I unfortunately do not have a set of the twins, my twin nieces do but they live 3,000 miles away and I could not borrow them for the photo shoot so I though I would give the idea to you.
these blocks cost $2.49 and you get 15 in a package.

I managed to get my blocks to spell something as well!
I totally recommend picking up these blocks for your doll play collection they are fun to play with and if you are worried about loosing small pieces you could glue yours together. They make great photo props as well.

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