Thursday, August 4, 2011

Make a doll ice cream cones from felt

In a previous post I showed how I made a needle felted cotton candy for your dolls. Today I made some doll sized ice cream cones from dollar store felt and more of the pink needle felting supplies I had on hand. If you can not find the felting supplies in your area you can use cotton balls or pompoms and make a white ice cream for your doll.

I started by tracing a side plate on to a piece of light brown or tan felt to make the cone. I then cut it out and folded it in half. Then I folded the half circle again and cut it. Giving me 4 cones/ Then I felt rolled a cone shape and used my glue gun ( I am really impatient so hot glue guns work best for me). You can use white glue but it will take longer to dry or you can hand sew it.
Next I balled up some felting supplies and hot glued the "scoops" into the cone. Ready for a summer treat for your doll!

At a yard sale I found the most adorable condiment cart with an umbrella, while it is too short to really be a working doll sized treat cart, it does work to hold the cones and cotton candy.
It also looks cute in any summer time photo.The umbrella is perfect as a doll umbrella making this a really great yard sale find for doll play!
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