Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Spa experience at the Seattle Amerian Girl Store

One of the coolest activities you can do at the American Girl store is send your doll to the spa so they can experience some very special (and practical) treatments designed especially for them.
There are many options available at the Spa from hairstyling, to ear piercing and the somewhere in between.
The doll salon offers an up grade service with the hair styling options.
For hair styling alone the price is $10-$20 depending on what look you are going for and what is possible for your dolls type of hair. You can also add for and additional $5 pampering for your doll which includes a set of nail stickers with the hair style. Another option that is very special is the deluxe spa package which includes a face mask and cucumber eye stickers to take home, nail stickers as well as the most adorable spa slippers and towel cape, all for only and additional $12. Your doll will also be given a good surface cleaning with this option.

You can also have your dolls ears pierced at this location for only $14 and you get a set of earrings in addition to the set your doll receives in her ear.

It is important to note that if you do not have an American Girl doll, the store can not pierce your dolls ears. This is not a punishment in anyway for not having an American Girl doll but rather a risk management policy that is there to protect your non American girl doll. I was told that if your non American girl doll was to have her ears pierced by the store and something was to happen to your doll that was irreplaceable they would feel terrible and unable to make it right. However if you would like your non American Girl doll's hair to be done while visiting the store it is possible to have it done, you will have to sign a waiver as not all 18 inch doll's hair is the same and the wigs on other dolls may not be created in the same way that the American Girl doll's wigs are and some styles may not be achievable on non American Girl Doll's hair. The staff tell me that they are thrilled to work with the girls to ensure that they have a great experience with the dolls that they bring in for styling and do their very best work on all the dolls (no matter which brand).
I was curious as to what it takes to become a doll hair stylist at American Girl and was told there was a three day intensive training course. I asked the staff what they liked learning about the most and one of the staff shared with me that they really liked seeing how the end product turns out on each and every doll.

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