Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fabulous NikiG's American Girl Doll Bed! Easy to make and easy on the Pocket Book!

My talented and amazingly  friend the Fabulous NickiG has come up with the most fantastic and easy American Girl Doll Bed craft that any girl can make for under $5! NickiG has shared with me her easy step by step directions and has allowed me to share these ideas with you!

1.    2 med flat rate boxes from post office – free
2.  Clear packing tape - $1
3.  1 roll brown packing paper - $1 You can also use different patterns of wrapping paper. 
4.  2 metallic sheets of card stock - .10 - .15 Use can use different colors to match paper
5.  1 fleece blanket - $3 – I made the blanket and pillow. There was enough to make several.
1.    Fold both boxes and tape them individually. Leave the end flat of one box up for the headboard
2.  Tape both boxes together long ways
3.  Wrap with packing or wrapping paper
4.  Hot glue card stock at foot of bed for foot board
5.  Hot glue card stock at top for head board on front and back of end flap so it’s more sturdy
There you go a perfect doll bed for less than $5. 

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