Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homeschooled? Take a look at this great shop offering some great items for you!

My Friend Susie recommend Carly's shop Neufeld Touch and I am so glad that she did. I fell in love with the Homeschool Girl T-shirts and I think if you are a mom who home schools or  girl who is home schooled you may share my love of this adorable shirt.
I had to ask Carly about her shop and how she got started with her business and these are the answers she shared with me.

Q:How did you get started sewing for 18 inch dolls?
A:We started sewing at about jr. high age, and since we grew up playing with the dolls, designing and sewing things for them just seemed to happen after we started sewing.
Q: how many American Girl Dolls do you have? Which is your favorite?
A:Personally I have Josefina, Kirsten, Samantha, Kit, and Kailey and Lindsey (Girl of the year 2001 and 2000). Kit and Samantha are my favorites.

Q: How long have you been sewing?
A:Since Jr. High.
Q: you sell on Etsy and locally which do you sell more at?
A:It actually depends on the event. This year at the Home shool Fair we did very well, but at some other local events it's more about advertising that selling. But especially around Christmas time we do most selling off of Etsy.
Q: I love that you have a doll shirt about being home schooled what motivated you to design this shirt?
A:"We were all Home schooled, and we wanted to make something especially reached out to the Homeschool Community because we know that there isn't always cute stuff made for us.
Q: What is your favorite item to make?

A: I love making the 50's inspired party skirts and petticoats, because I absolutely love the fashion from that time, and still wish we wore skirts like that today!
Q: Do you take all your own doll photos and if so do you have any tips on photographing dolls?
A:Yes, we do take all our own photos. When taking photos, make sure to play with angles, don't just take it straight on. Angles make photographs more interesting, and don't forget that you have the best models ever, because they don't move! And just know that even if you take hundreds of pictures, you won't have hundreds that are your favorite.

Carly's shop offers an assortment of great doll items starting at $6. I hope you will check out her shop Neufeld Touch
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