Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thrift store Gems why I love them

If you are a regular reader to my blog then you know I write about my dollar store and thrift store finds and I refer to them as gems. I love finding thrift store gems. I call them"Gems" because like any good treasure hunt you will come back with great treasure like "Gems". I feel this way about dollar store items as well. I love to find doll related items and items I can re-purose for doll play and I am not alone.
I am happy that there are many other treasure hunters out there like me. One of the other hunters in my area has found some amazing Gems at our local thrift store for really great deals. Barb (who you may remember from the post about her birthday gift to her niece) invited me into her daughter's room to show me some of these fantastic finds.
I love this find, Barb's daughter stores her dolls food and accessories in this great "pantry" find. Barb paid only $4 for this great piece.

These thrift store gems also under $5, are perfect bed side tables and doll sized dressers
One of her thrift store finds, and my personal  favorites has to be the doll sized kayak. Barb found this at our local thrift store and paid less then $7.

I wanted you to see  these great doll play finds to show you that you can find some pretty amazing items at thrift stores. Don't forget shop yard sales for incredible deals as well .

When you find a thrift store or yard sale find and you bring it home for your doll play collection you are doing the environment  a great service by reusing an item that may end up in a landfill. Not to mention the money you could save building your doll play collection.
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