Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Earrings for American Girl Dolls from this Etsy shop

 These earrings and earrings like these are available from Amy's Etsy shop called 

I sent a request to Amy to see if she could make earrings for my American girl doll who has pierced ears and Amy came up with some really adorable earrings for my doll. Amy sells both American Girl doll store Pierced sized earrings and earrings for  other 18 inch dolls who have had their ears pierced at home.

I love purple and the way the earrings hang!
Amy also made these fun earrings for my doll that I just love.

I love the chunky size and flower shape of these ones designed by Amy
I am so thrilled with the earrings I ordered from Amy and I think you would be too. Amy also makes fantastic dolly and me bracelets custom made and perfect for loot bags! 

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  1. I've made a few improvements as i now have my very own factory pierced doll. I will be photographing as soon as the weather here in Delaware improves as we've had rain every day and I was hooping to do the photo shoot outside.

    Some exciting new items are coming.

    Amy from Lemonhead 103