Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creative Doll Play sets from a very Creative Lady and Shop on Etsy

Okay I fell in love with an Etsy shop called Doll Clothes by Jannie and if you are a fan of doll play and doll play ideas you too will love the ideas and items available from Jannie's shop.
Not only does Jannie make the most adorable multi-purpose doll aprons and accessories but she also offers some great doll play ideas in her listings!
I was so visually attracted to her cup cake stand and flower shop. What brilliant ideas. These sets are available at Jannie's  Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/people/DollClothesbyJannie for only $18 per set.
Dog groomers and Pet shop sets also available!
I also love the Springfield dolls that she has in her photographs. I am a huge fan of these dolls especially as a starter 18 inch doll and friend or cousin for any American girl doll collection or family.

I asked Jannie  to share a bit about her shop, her family and her creative doll play ideas.

"I became involved with the 18 inch dolls when I saw my two granddaughters playing and decided the dolls needed something to do. I was researching sites that offered on-line craft stores and was brought to "Etsy" We were recently priced out of our apartment and with my husband's fixed income we are looking for a motor-home or small trailer we can put at a local campsite. With the added income and small space we would have to live in this seems like the perfect job/hobby to engage in."
I loved that Jannie uses Springfield dolls as models and asked her about them. 
"I currently have the dolls Abby and Sofia from the "Springfield" collection. I can afford to work with the "Springfield" dolls. They are reasonably priced and they have many ethnic choices to choose from. The dolls are very durable and can survive anything my granddaughters can put them through."
I personally started my nieces off with this doll, I loved their features and price point! They make great starter dolls.
Jannie and I agree on the important roll doll play has in children's lives I asked her to explain why doll play is important .
"The most important part of doll play is actually five things. The first is gross motor skills. Picking the dolls up and moving them around. Fine motor skills comes in second with dressing and undressing the dolls and using the small accessories to create more play. Third and forth is talking for the dolls. When there is more than one doll involved then a child will usually talk back and forth and create conversations for the dolls. This talking is encouraging increased verbal skills and socialization. And finally, five is imagination used equals knowledge earned. Left and right brain activity is utilized when playing with dolls and this is a very good thing, especially for special needs children."
 Jannie also makes doll clothes and takes special orders so if you are looking for something unique or special  contact her at http://www.etsy.com/people/DollClothesbyJannie
"If mom, dad, or anyone special has a special career and needs a special uniform for an 18 inch doll then just let me know at dollclothesbyjannie@etsy.com and I will put it on my special creation list."

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