Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brandy's Special Dog E-Collar!

Today Brandy Shares with us her Craft for a Dog E-Collar for the American Girl Doll Pets

How to make an E Collar for your American Girl Doll Pets:

My daughters love to play with their Payne Street Doll Boutique Vet Set.
They were playing one day and asked if I could make them an E Collar for
Argos.  This is a very simple craft.

First I made a pattern by tracing a plate and cup.  I cut out my pattern and
traced it onto a piece of white foam paper.  I cut out the collar.  I then
used an eyelet hole puncher and punched four holes on one end and two on the
other.  I used an eyelet setter and hammered in the 6 eyelets.  Finally I
tied black ribbon into the ends and looped them together.

I chose eyelets because I knew there would be lots of tension on the foam
with my daughters tying and untying the collar.  If you don't have any
eyelets don't worry; just be careful when tying.

Get creative and use different colored foam paper, eyelets, and ribbon!

Thank you so much Brandy for this fun craft and for sharing it with us here today!
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