Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reader Linda's Wonderful Modern Witch Costume

I have most wonderful readers. One of the best things about this blog is hearing back from all of you. Every comment and email that I receive makes me want to continue writing and sharing with you all daily, year after year. Today I got a wonderful email message from Linda M of  Ocean View, DE who made her granddaughter this very Modern Witches Costume with love and creativity!

"Here is the outfit that I made for Halloween. I made it for my granddaughter, Ryan, who is 5. She is taking her doll trick or treating with her this year."
 "I bought the paper mache hat at Michael's, as well as the bracelet beads, spiders/webs for shoes (buttons) and candy (stickers with cardboard backing). The owl on the necklace I picked up at a garage sale. The decorations on the hat were from Dollar General and Michaels. The top and tights are upcycled from an old top. The little bag is upcycled from an old tote bag."

With a little holiday embellishment these shoes look "Spook-Tackular!"
Bracelets for dolls is one of my personal favorite accessories! I love the bow on this one. 
Thank you to Linda for sharing these photos with us today and thank you to each of you who stops by my blog each day. I love hearing from you all, I love to see what you are working on and I would love to share your stories so remember to keep emailing me. It really makes my day!
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