Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Welcome Guest Blogger Sophie Today!

Today one of my wonderful readers turned guest blogger shares with us her Dolly Halloween Costumes made from items from past Halloween and the Dollar Store. Please give a warm welcome to Sophie, another fellow Canadian and doll lover!

"This year, I'm making some of the doll costumes from cool dollar store finds (actually Dollarama finds).  Here's the result of my first costume - I thought you all might enjoy my sharing of the process!"

"For the skirt, I used a $2 toddler tutu that I cut in 2 and sew into 2 new skirts - so my daughter can give an outfit to one of her friends!  I chose orange to mimick American GIrl's Spooky fun outfit, but there are also purple, black and pink tutus (the latter will be perfect to make ballet outfits, so of course I got one... and also a purple one!)."

"The tights are made from $1.25 ladie's knee socks (tutorial found here: http://peachytuesday.blogspot.ca/2011/03/tutorial-making-american-girl-doll.html).  As you need only one sock, I could make a second pair of tights for my daughter's friend."   ***This website peachytuesday is one I have written about before and it is a fantastic tutorial! Check out their website you will not be sorry~It is Karen Mom of Three Approved!

"From the leftover foot piece, I cut out a tube, edged the top and bottom with a zigzag stitch and added 2 pieces of black elastic to make a top. I used a plastic bat from a ring ($1 for a pack of 24 of various Halloween colors) to make a bracelet."

"The spectacular hat is sold as is, but on a headband and is only $2 (there are green, purple and black ones).  All you have to do is remove the headband and attach a small black elastic to the remaining elastic tabs so it holds well on the doll's head.The shrug (hand knitted) and the shoes (Springfield dolls) are the only things not from the dollar store!  Voilà!  That's 2 complete Halloween outfits for less than 4$ each... and they took about 30 minutes  to make.  Pretty good, isn't it?" ~Sophie T in Quebec
I think so! Great job Sophie, I am sure your daughter is thrilled with the results! Thank you for sharing with us today your Halloween Outfit Transformation with us! 
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