Monday, October 28, 2013

Keep Your Eyes Open For These Witch Hats for your Dolls from Wallgreen's! A Madelon fun find!

 "I saw this witches headband made for an adult and wanted to see what it would like like on Saige. With the netting, feathers and purple faux satin, this hat is great for your 18 inch doll."

Madelon found such a classy witches hat at Walgreens and I am so very jealous! I do love my witches hats large and small and this one is perfect for18 inch dolls! The netting is fantastic! Not unlike the one I bought myself to wear this year! Yes I love my witch hats and every year I done a new one!
Madelon found this one at Walgreen's for under $5 making this a truly affordable fun find that will add lots of fun imaginative play to your doll play collection! Imagine the fancy tea parties your dolls could have with such wonderful Halloween Hats!
Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas with us Madelon!
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