Monday, June 23, 2014

Check Out Sew Like Betty Etsy Shop

I love this Cherry Themed Chef Set offered in Sew Like Betty's Etsy shop. If you are curious about the shop name, the shop owner named her shop after her own mother Betty who taught her how to sew. This time honored tradition of teaching your children to sew is one I hope many of you are passing on to children in your lives! What an honor to be able to pass this on to a child so that they may teach others!
Sew like Betty is a very full Etsy shop with 100 items currently instock and ready to ship!
The doll photography in this shop is top notch and really adds to the shoppers delight!
This is one of my favorite items in the shop! I love the hat and that this set has the perfect scale of print!
I also love the nod to Military Families with this fun and fashion forward set, the hat is fantastic!

I really enjoyed go through each listing in this shop and love the photos so much! I know the outfits would find a happy home in any of your dolls wardrobes!
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  1. Great article! I've been enjoying all of these blog posts about various doll sewers.

  2. Thanks for featuring my shop. Your favorites are also my favorites! I added more items today - and have a ton more shop views thanks to you.

    Karen (SeLikeBetty)

  3. Great outfits. I'll have to check it out - do a little window shopping.