Sunday, June 8, 2014

Have You Ever Wondered About The Design Academy? QTπ Doll Clothing Shares Her Thoughts!


Marilyn of QTπ Doll Clothing has graciously agreed to shared with us her thoughts on recently completing the Design Academy offered through Liberty Jane

When did you decided to take the course and what lead you to it?

"I had wanted to take the course before it was even being offered again. I had seen and heard and seen the difference it had made it the quality of work in previous Design Academy participants."

What is the most important thing you learned in the course? 
 "The different layers of designs that Cinnamon outlines throughout the course really all come to gather at the end and allows you to make designs that are not just doll clothes, but real people clothes that fit dolls."

What do you think you gained from taking the course?
"I gained so much from the course, but some of the more memorable things I gained were; a whole new network of friends with the same passions and a tremendous amount knowledge, the confidence I was lacking in myself as a designer and the unbelievable support of Cinnamon and her team(which you can get without the course)."

What do you want my readers to know about learning to sew and design? 
"I think when you are learning to sew or design take chances and jump in feet first. Not every design works out perfectly, but you definitely learn something from every design. I think the design Academy is a great course to take from beginner to even a professional seamstress. I have been sewing for 20 years and what I learned was invaluable."

Please share anything you would like my readers to know! 
"I am proudly a Canadian." 

It is important to know that the course is not intended to teach you about pattern design, but it is where I was inspired to make patterns. Making my final project piece is where I came up with my first pattern design. 
Springtime Fun Jacket- I now have 10 patterns published and three more in the works for the fall line. I am having a blast creating and designing:) 


This is a picture of my final project piece. It is a Homage to Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. It is called “The Huntress”. The boots are from one of my favourite designers Meg of Miche Designs- The Miche Boot- 

Thank you to Marilyn for sharing her experience with us today!
You can find out more about how to take the Design Academy by Clicking Here
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  1. Marylin does such beautiful work. She was an inspiration to other participants with all the work she has produced. Her patterns on are wonderful.

  2. I'm really looking forward to the next time they open up the academy. I emailed Cinnamon a couple of weeks ago to see if they had a date set yet and they didn't. Hoping it won't be too long before they run the next one :)

  3. I always debate about doing this academy. I don't usually sell my doll clothes, but I still would love the inspiration and knowledge I could gain from the academy.

  4. My closest thing to designing a pattern for 18" doll was drawing a dress design using a croquois provided by a pattern maker for a in blog contest. It was really fun & a bit easier than I thought, sooo based on that and this review and all I've been seeing/reading at Pixie Faire, I took the plunge and signed up -- can't wait for classes to begin!!! ;-)