Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turning Life's Lemons In To Lemonade, Peggy's Prozac Etsy Shop, Truly Inspiring.

We all go through dark times in our lives and we are constantly tested. How we deal with adversity and how we "keep calm and carry on" shows our personal strength. For this Etsy Shop owner, life took a dark turn and when faced with adversity & injustice she took to her sewing room and Peggy's Prozac began.

"Sewing allows me to let go of the 'stress' by allowing me to focus on being creative, taking my mind off of the problems of the day" says Peggy,
Peggy's 82 year old Mother was scammed out out of  $47,000 in 2010 from evil predators that pray on more then just the elderly and dupe them out of their money and forcing them into bankruptcy, Peggy and her family went through an incredibly difficult time.
 "When my mom was scammed, I did go in a depression and used sewing as my therapy and never went on medication, thus the name of my shop. Since the scam, I've become an advocate on this topic, and use any avenue I can to educate people of all walks of life about the biggest rip off of all time-scams. The scams come in all sizes and shapes, seek out all ages and education levels and do not care of the mess they leave behind. There is a domino effect on a family when a loved one gets caught up in this crime."

 "When I found out about it, I went into a depression-I only had two feelings, complete sadness or rage for months and so I would lose myself in sewing as a way of coping. I did not want to go on medication. When my daughter came home at Christmas, 2010, she saw all these doll clothes hanging up in a bedroom and told me I was obsessive with my sewing and asked how many outfits I had"
 "I did not know at the time. The next morning she said "Mom, I counted over 200 hangers with doll clothes, don't you think that is obsessive?" I said, "Robyn, I also have things in buckets." I explained to her that was how I coped with her Grandma's scam (my mom had to file bankruptcy), Then she said, "The clothes are adorable and would sell, you need to get on etsy". So she helped me get the site going and named the site peggysprozac. The site opened December 31. 2010 and it has helped me heal"
 "In March of 2013, I testified at the Minnesota state capitol about scams and Minnesota passed a bill with some protections against wire fraud."
As a result of Peggy's Tireless efforts Minnesota passed a bill that went into law, August 1, 2013!
Peggy showed incredible strength and courage to over come the adversity she and her family faced and she was empowered to help others not suffer the same fate. Along the way she learned about her own resiliency, how to use creativity as an outlet to heal and how to inspire others.  Peggy has some wonderful items in her shop that are on my personal favorite list and with more then 1,000 sales since 2010 Peggy proves she has staying power! Take a look at her shop by clicking here and check out some of her 100+ items today.
  -Paul Harvey
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  1. Inspiring. Good job Peggy!