Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mary's Pint Sized Pieces A Behind The Scenes Visit!

One of my most favorite things to hear from Etsy shop owners is how they got started sewing for 18 inch doll clothes. I love it when I ask this question of owners and designers and their answer is because I fell in love with these dolls while sewing for my daughter or granddaughter.  Let's face it no one goes into this business of sewing doll clothes to become rich! It is from that love of their children, or their children's children that perhaps their love of sewing and even their past love of dolls becomes ignited into passion. One of these such Etsy Shop owners and Designers is  Mary of Mary's Pint Sized Pieces.
I asked Mary how she got started sewing and to tell me a bit about herself and her sewing, here is her answers...
" I used to sew dance costumes for a local dance studio (it helped reduce the cost of classes for my 3 daughters) Now that I have grand daughters they were asking me to make clothes for their AG dolls."

"The more I sewed the more it renewed my passion for sewing. I bought 2 Our Generation dolls to use as models but decided I really needed a doll of my own so I bought Samantha on ebay. OMG what a difference in personality!"

" I wanted to learn more so in February I spent the whole month taking the Design Academy course through Liberty Jane. Now I am so hooked on creating designs for these dolls! I currently have two of my own designs that I am working to develop into patterns. They are from the movie Frozen for Elsa and Anna’s coronation."

 "My greatest critics are 2 of my grand daughters who help me with accessories or tell me what works and what doesn’t. There is nothing better than seeing the look in a child’s eyes and knowing they have been inspired, that makes this venture so worthwhile!"
 I could not agree more! There are some very wonderful outfits and pieces in Mary's Etsy Shop.
I love the little extra's on her dolly underpants and camisole offered in her shop. My nieces love having Dolly Underwear it is such a fun and important accessory!
Check out more of Mary's Etsy shop by clicking here items offered for your dolls from head to toe in this shop there is something your sure to love in her shop!
Thank you Mary for taking time to share a behind the scenes look at your shop!
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