Sunday, June 22, 2014

Madelon Shares Her Review Of The Our Generation Sleep Over Set!

"Our Generation had some wonderful accessory sets and this is one of them!" says Madelon
I think she is right! I had a chance to see this set up close on a recent trip state side and it is adorable. Summer is the best time for Sleep Overs and this set is reasonably priced and includes some great accessories for your dolls.
While the sleeping bag is not overly padded the curling iron, hair straightener and the toothpaste and brush are among the best accessories they have ever had! The set also has two plates and pizza that are perfect for sleep overs and a great addition to any doll play collection.
This is a set any doll lover would love to have. Pick it up as a gift and put it away for the summer holidays, Birthday parties or even the gift giving season!

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  1. I also have this sleepover set and I agree it is so cute and useful!

  2. I saw that the other day, but it wasn't on the list. Plus I wasn't thrilled with the sleeping bag. Your review is great - maybe another time.