Thursday, June 19, 2014

Up Owl Night Etsy Shop! A Fariy Tale Inspired Place To Shop

I recently learned of another wonderful Etsy shop and had a chance to connect with  Julie Holmansky who is a member of one of the Facebook Communities I belong too.

 She so is the shop owner and designer behind Up Owl Night Crafting on Etsy. I also have a FB page for my business:  Up Owl Night Crafting

"I taught myself to sew when I was 8 and I've been sewing (entirely self-taught) for the past 30 years"

"I started sewing American Girl clothes in 2009 when my daughter, then 5, got her first doll.  I kept a Facebook album of all my little projects and I take handwork with me while waiting for my daughter at dance."

  "Between the album and what people see me working on while I'm out and about, I had a lot of encouragement to start selling my creations."

" I mostly make and enjoy making doll outfits based on characters from books and movies"
 You can find out more about Up Owl Night Etsy Shop by clicking here and be sure to follow and like them on Facebook by clicking here
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  1. I love her designs Karen and so glad you showcased her! Beautiful work Julie!