Saturday, June 14, 2014

Period Pieces And More From The Doll Wardrobe Clothier

This past week I have shared with you some wonderful new Etsy shops, some that have been around for a long time and others I have not featured before. I am truly inspired by the talent and joy that Etsy designers put into their work. I have come across a wonderful shop that is about to celebrate it's First Anniversary next month and a shop I think you may want to watch!
This shop offers period clothing that is perfect for the budding doll collector from this 1812 Pelisse and Bonnet Silk and Cotton Couture Outfit 
to this Lord of the Rings inspired Mideval outfit shop owner Dawn has a wonderful way of representing the past, the fantasy and fun in each of her creations

I want a Red Swing Coat, don't you? Check out this 1950's inspired coat!
Oh but even better, it is reversible!
I can not decide if this is my favorite item listed in her shop, a White Velvet Full Length Cape or
This 1770's inspired Marie Antoinette Style Witches Set...okay its this one! Seriously I wonder if I could convince her to make me one in my size too.....

yep always a witch....sorry found these photos again recently and had to share. I did my own makeup back then too...

 Be sure to check out The Doll Wardrobe Clothier and save them to your favorites! Let's all wish them an early Happy First Anniversary!
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  1. I totally love the white velvet cape. Would love to see a muff to go with it. It is absolutely beautiful