Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Maplelea Heritage Outfits A Doll Lover and Collector's Delight And Fantastic Doll Play Wardrobe Additions.

Many of you know I am Canadian, living in Canada, and many of you know that Canada has it's own beautiful  line of 18 inch dolls called Maplelea Girl Dolls. Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts and appreciation for the Heritage Outfits That Maplelea offers in it's Doll Collection.

When many people think of Canada they identify with Anne of Green Gables and Maplelea makes a wonderful nod to this iconic story with this stunning outfit that looks wonderful on all 18 inch dolls but especially on Jenna!  All of Maplelea Products come with a Journal Page that adds to the the learning and enjoyment of doll play! A truly unique and exclusive to Maplelea's Product line.
"In her journal pages, Jenna tells you that she has just learned that she has won the leading role in her school's production of Anne of Green Gables. This is the costume she will wear as she plays Anne Shirley in the classic Canadian story that has been charming people around the world for almost a hundred years." 

 With a nod to Pioneer Quebecoise (and a nod to my own heritage at that!) this 11 piece outfit is truly special to me. In 2011, with my nieces who live in Montreal I went to "cabane a sucre" which means Sugar Shack, where maple syrup is taken from the trees, collected and made into the most amazing sweet treats as well as maple syrup! 

"When Léonie’s family visits her tante and oncle’s cabane à sucre during maple sugar season, they often help out with the traditional entertainment for the guests. For this, Léonie wears an outfit like her ancestors might have worn over 300 years ago.  Léonie's journal pages include detailed information about the history and traditions of the pioneer outfit" This 11 piece set is well thought out and reminded me of my 2011 trip where the hosts were also in traditional outfits like Leonie's!
The Highland Lass 8 piece outfit is a wonderful addition to Maplelea's Collection as well. Highland dance continues to be a popular sport/dance across much of Canada!
"Nova Scotia means New Scotland.  Many people in that province and, indeed, other parts of Canada too, are proud of their Scottish heritage.  Jenna is carrying on the traditions of her dad’s family by learning to Highland dance.  She finds that it is amazing exercise—for the body and the brain!   In her journal page, Jenna talks about the traditional Highland dance outfit and tells 2 fun stories about the possible origins for Highland dancing."

 Amazing Amauti This item is a very special piece to the Maplelea Line and Represents a very important part of Canada's Hermitage, not only is this outfit and Doll Saila a representation of our Inuit people,she is one of the most stunning dolls in person I have ever seen. Her journal comes with pages in English, French and  Inuktitut  
The Amauti and Pang Hat are MADE IN CANADA!  This is something that is produced by people in Nunavut.
Saila is a doll I am thrilled to have in my own collection and one I highly recommend to others!
 Newer to the Heritage line is the Ukrainian Dance also an exquisitely  made 8 piece set.
"Brianne knows all the steps for the upcoming dance festival. The detail on this costume is astounding, from the embroidery on her traditional white blouse and underskirt to the rick-rack and trim on her colourful apron with satin sash belt. The full circle flower wreath contains red poppies, yellow and white daisies, blue cornflowers, greenery and a cascading selection of satin ribbons that flow behind her when she dances"

Canada is a Multicultural and diverse country and Maplelea has done a wonderful job in representing Canada's rich history. I hope that they will continue to expand this line.  It is my hope that you will comment below or email me at and let me know what Heritage Outfits you would like to see for Dolls.

I would personally love to see The First Nations of Canada represented and included from The West Coast of Canada to The East Coast, I live on the West Coast of Canada and have a fondness for Button Blankets as well I would also love to see a traditional Chinese Heritiage outfit added to the Maplelea Collection. I am very impressed with the product line that Maplelea offers and hope you will visit their website by clicking here.



  1. Those outfit are all so beautiful. They are even more stunning when compared with the very simple outfits produced by AG these days. I'm going to go check out their site to see what shipping to the U.S. is like.

  2. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing.