Saturday, June 21, 2014

Find Dolly Dance Inspiration At The Museum To Decorate Your Dolls Room!

As Isabelle's movie debut gets closer,  Madelon shares with us some wonderful ideas and insperation from her trip to the National Gallery of Art.
"My family and I went to the National Gallery of Art on Mother's Day to see a new exhibit about artists Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas. Afterwords, I sought out this beautiful bronze sculpture of his dancer. I love that the skirt is made of tutu material!"
 Madelon said that she the sashes were the colors of spring in this painting.

 Madelon made some purchases at the gift shop that are excellent suggestions for decorating your dolls room or house. Using these stickers and postcards she purchased for only a few dollars she has memories and keep sakes to share with her dolls.

Madelon saw so many wonderful pieces of dance related art work and this oil painting is stunning. If you get a chance to visit your local art museums this year be sure to take photos and feel free to share your experience with us by email!
We might just publish it here!
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