Monday, June 2, 2014

Make 5 Great Dolly And Me Matching Pendants With This Great Kit From Buttons Galore & More!

Many of you know I have my niece Thea on Thursdays and she and I get a girly tea party and craft day! Well this past Thursday we made these amazingly easy and fun pendants from a great kit I got from Buttons Galore & More.
To make your own pendants for yourself and your dolls you will need:
- A Kids Pendant Kit From Buttons Galore & More (click here for website and product listing)
-Aleenes Pendant Glue From (click here for website and product listing)
Open the kit and choose from the great selection of buttons and gem stones to create just the right look for your pendant. Then using your Aleenes's Pendant Glue layer your button on top of the pendant bails, press your button into place and add a bit more glue, use your tweezers and select one of the gemstones and place it in the center or where ever you would like the gems. 
Let it dry and then place on your faux leather cords. 
For the dolls and the Bitty's I doubled the faux leather cords to make them dolly length. 
This was a quick and easy craft for Thea and I to do and she was so proud with the results and we can not wait to try making more for gifts for her sister and cousins.
Click here to see more of the wonderful crafts kits on Buttons Galore and More! 
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  1. Great idea and thanks for the tutorial! I love the projects you share here!