Sunday, June 1, 2014 Stationary, Cards and So Much More!

I love sending and receiving mail. One of the things that makes sending mail so much fun is stationary and adorable cards. Often I get cards in the mail that I just can not part with as the outside of the card makes me want to re purpose and craft with it. I made this Summer 2014 Book Mark with one of those cards I received and today I wanted to share this easy craft with you and share my love of 
I order my own cards, return address labels and stationary from I just placed an order on Friday for my next batch of cards and I can not wait to share them with you.
I am very fond of the Laura Kelly art work available at  
 Having these fun cards on hand for a quick thank you, invite and rainy day craft are just some of the reasons I love these products so much. You can personalize each item and add your special touch.

Click here to view the site. 

What to do when you have a card you just can't bare to get rid of? Make a book mark like I did. I used an expressionery card, buttons and yarn. To embellish my expressionery card and turn it into a book mark for summer reading! Use the tip of your scissors or a hole punch  to make a hole in your card, braid, finger knit or thread your yarn through the hole and use tape on the ends of your yarn to sew the button tot he card, make a bow, trim the excess and add a saying, words or the date to your new book mark.

I hope you have lots of wonderful books on your list for summer reading, I know I do and this book mark will come in handy! Check out your books at your local library, book shop or thrift store. Order your cards, stickers, invitations, labels and more from
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