Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Delightful New Patterns For Heart For Heart Dolls From Eden Ava Couture!

I am so very excited to see one of my most favorite designers come out with patterns that I know my doll loving readers are going to love! Not only are the Hearts for Hearts dolls winning over the dolly community they are also so loved by young girls for there lovely look and fun size!
The above pattern created by Eden Ava is one your young doll lover is going to be so pleased to say she made herself! This is a great pattern to purchase and  teach with. The step by step photos really help new seamstresses gain confidence, the visual approach to these patterns is how I learned to sew!

There are some new and wonderful new patterns also for Hearts for Hearts Shoes! These Ballet Flats will go with any outfit you design, make or have! This is an intermediate pattern but don't let that deter you!

How about Espadrilles? These are stylish and popular for doll shoes! Click here to see the pattern listing!
Thank you To Eden Ava Couture for listening to our readers and producing wonderful patterns to enhance our doll play!
You can find all Eden Ava Couture Patterns now on www.pixiefaire.com
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  1. These are really cute outfits for the Hearts4Hearts girls. I know there are more outfits for them, but only online.