Friday, February 20, 2015

A Dolly Neighbor Visit With Bella and Lulu of The Doll Mag!

 Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Bella and Lulu of the Doll Mag! 
Here is a bit about them.....
Welcome, can you tell us a bit about yourselves? 
 "We're Bella and Lulu, editors and bloggers of The Doll Mag, an online magazine devoted to dolls."

How did you get into dolls? " Like many doll fans, our love of dolls started at a young age; the AG catalogs we received in the mail got us hooked. We started The Doll Mag, however, in 2011 - years after we got our first dolls!"

What You Like Most About Collecting/Dolls? 
 "Lulu is a fan of doing her doll's hair, creating new outfits for them, and making AGSM (American Girl Stop Motions). Bella loves taking photos of them and making doll-sized crafts."

What You Like Most About Working with Dolls/Blogging?
" Blogging in the doll community has introduced us to so many other lovely people, whether they are also bloggers or faithful Doll Mag readers. Everyone is so nice! :) Blogging also provides us with different ways to practice our creative hobbies, such as photography, writing, or graphic design, and we can share our love of dolls at the same time!"

Where can my readers find you? "Our blog and official website is We can be found on Pinterest at and on ISSUU at Watch Lulu's stop-motion videos at Finally, visit Bella's personal blog at and Lulu's personal blog at"
Thank you Bella and Lulu for sharing with us today!
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