Saturday, February 14, 2015

Madelon's Brilliant Valentine Play Set! Simply Add Stickers!

Madelon has a great way to enhance your Valentine's Day play sets. "Grace is ready for Valentine's Day! She has her mailbox from Target, wears a What a Doll dress with heart accent, and prepares her heart embellished cupcakes."
 Great stickers make great treats! These look like well decorated cookies! Stick them onto card stock or felt and they will last for play after play!
Of course you can just cut around the plastic they come with too!

They fit will in our dolls hands!
The little mail box is perfect for doll play! ( I have one too!)
Remember to keep your eyes open for things you can use (and find on sale after holidays) for great doll play accessories just like Madelon, use what you have and add when you can!
Thank you Madelon for another great idea!
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