Monday, February 9, 2015

Mystery Monday Presents The Cameo Necklace

Today in our Mystery Monday Series may I recommend The Cecile Mystery The Cameo Necklace.
I ordered this book in 2012 an it is a wonderful book to read. Especially if you have ever borrowed and lost something of your mothers (for which I was guilty of as a child of the same age). While Cecile and Marie-Grace line has been retired you can still enjoy their adventures in this wonderful series of mysteries.
Click here to find out more about The Cameo Necklace and bring home this Mystery Monday Pick. 
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  1. I just bought this when it was on sale for 3$, and now it has gone down to 2$, I think. My daughter loves mysteries, so I was excited to find these on sale. I purchased one each for Cecile, Marie Grace, and Rebecca. It's sad that AG is retiring many of the historical books, but it's a great time to get them on sale.