Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Check Out An Amazing Organizer That Madelon Bought!

Today I wanted to share with you the wooden craft organizer by Craftabelle, made by Battat that Madelon found and bought. "This cost About $17 at Target."

Made of wood this organizer makes a great addition to your dolls furniture collection!
Lots of dolly storage space in this storage station!
Check out the side decoration!

The bold colored foldable felt bins are perfect for holding dolly treasures!
Fantastic Shelf and Storage Find Madelon!
Thank you To Grace as well who today wears an OG shirt, Sheeky Violets skirt and OG shoes sold individually in a box. Note: Our Generation shoes individually boxed fit American Girls well!
Super cute shoes!
They fit perfectly in one of the felt bins!
A great find today thank you Madelon and Grace. Keep your eyes out for deals like these in your local big box store!
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  1. Great find! I have those shoes! Aren't they adorable?