Friday, July 17, 2015

Look for Paris themed boxes to use as doll chests at Burlington Coat Factory!

While out at your local discount stores, craft stores and big box stores always look for everyday items you can use in your doll play like Madelon does.
This decorative box would make a great addition to your doll house and have storage for your dolls items!
Madelon chose this one shown above for her own collection. I love it!
So many wonderful Paris themed items!
this one looks like a steamer trunk!
this one was a music box!
Be sure to keep your eyes open for wonderful fun finds like Madelon's! Thank you for sharing your photos and talent with us Madelon!
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  1. Tuesday Morning is another great place to find boxes like this.

  2. Michael's has a lot of Paris themed boxes too. i love the drawer bureaus the best.