Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Madelon's Carters Preemie Fun Find! No Alterations Needed!

Madelon sent me these photos this weekend of a fun Preemie outfit ship picked up at Carters that fits the 18 inch dolls beautifully!
This fashion forward look is perfect for the cooler summer nights and the colors are perfect for the season.
Preemie clothes are a wonderful way to enhance your dolls wardrobe and make an affordable option especially with the sales Carters is famous for!
Check out your local Carters and Sears locations for great deals on Preemie clothing! Thank you Madelon for the photos and the reminder of this great tip!
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  1. I was a preemie , so I'll have to check to see if my mom has any of my old baby clothes for them to wear :)