Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Madelon's New Jersey Walmart Visit

Often I hit Walmart here or just over the boarder and find that the store has been largely shopped out of all the 18 inch doll My Life As items but Madelon recently found a store in New Jersey that was stocked with some wonderful dolls and new products!
A truly fun find is the Hair Stylist New York themed 18 inch dolls
Along with the summer themed dolls this store was well stocked!
Clearly they had a lovely selection of a mixture of these dolls!
they also had some of the most sought after play sets!
I love it when you find everything you are looking for in one spot and Madelon clearly hit pay dirt with this location. Keep your eyes out at your local Walmart for this line of fun items and dolls!
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  1. I have the My Life As: Snack Stand (last picture). I highly recommend it. I have used it in many of my doll scenes, changing the look each time by covering the top or sides in scrapbook paper.