Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet the family behind Wolfe's Clothing 7! Come see our newest give away!

I recently interviewed a wonderful Etsy shop Wolfe's Clothing 7 and I was so impressed with the shop owners I wanted to share it with all of you.

Nicole of Wolfe's Clothing 7 and her Husband a recently retired firefighter, are working together to create well made affordable items for American Girl Doll lovers, while raising their blended family of Seven Children!

In a busy house of 6 girls and 1boy, you can be sure that all these items have been "quality controlled tested" by and approved by a very knowledgeable "staff"

Nicole and her family take pride in everything they make and they do not sell anything they would not buy themselves.
I love this set, for the bathing suit, wrap and board costs $30.00 Shipped with in the USA!

I love Purple and this wonderful dress modeled by Nicole's niece's doll Julie is a wonderful addition to their Spring line. Offered under $10.00

Wolfe's Clothing 7 has a great coupon code for our readers!  BKAPRIL and now for the great give away!
WOLFE's Clothing 7 is offering our winners a chance to win one of two prizes!

First Prize is a bed and full bedding from their shop!

Second Prize is this lovely dress from their shop!

What an amazing price for two of our lucky readers. To Enter please send me an email to and in the subject line Wolfesclothing7 and the contest will run until April 30th. Winner will be drawn by RANDOM.ORG  Please note that this contest is limited to North American readers only at this time.

I wondered how this shop ( and all shops for that matter) came to be and Nicole shared a bit about her self and journey....

"I began making doll clothes for AG dolls last July. Shortly after my husband and I married I lost my job with a well known medical insurance company when they were impacted by the economy. I did not know how to sew at all then, but knew I needed to find a way to provide both AG fun for my AG loving girls so they did not have to be quite so aware of the financial changes in our home as well as an income to my family. I began selling on ebay and have now branched into etsy."

Selling on Etsy can be allot of fun but it can also be challenging.
I personally love the feed back and am thrilled that Nicole likes that part as well!

"I love my customers and truly find joy in EVERY bit of feedback I receive. My love for children has made this really special for me because of knowing I get to be a part of so many birthday parties and Christmas mornings. My teenager laughs at me because I often get teary eyed (in a positive way) when I read an email or a positive feedback on my ebay site. "

I love that when I asked Nicole what she would like my readers to know she had this to say...

"I guess I would want people to know that we are a husband and wife team, making furniture and clothing. We try to keep things affordable so that every little girl can pamper her doll."

I always want to know about which dolls Etsy shop owners and doll lovers in general have.....
Nicole says "I have one doll and 3 of my girls each have a doll. We have none of the character dolls, although we are hoping to add Mckenna to our 'family' soon as well as a Marisol in good condition from ebay (We do have all the movies and several of the books and we of course LOVE them all ). My niece has Julie who has recently 'modeled' for us :)."
I am so in awe of her crochet talent! I had to know how long she had been perfecting her craft!

"I have been crocheting since I was about 7 and my Grandmother taught me how to chain stitch. I taught myself how to sew In July and found that I have a knack for it "

That she does! If you would like to visit Nicole and her families Etsy shop please click here

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  1. It's neat that Nicole is able to collaborate with her husband in the business. My hubs and I enjoyed working together to create the grand's dollhouse rooms. Hope they have as much fun as we did!

  2. I just can't thak Karen enough for including us in her blog (that I now read EVERYDAY!!!). As I told her, it has made my husband and I (and now our children) feel a little like celebrities in our little corner of the world :) Please be sure to stop by our store on either etsy or ebay or even our facebook page (Wolfe's Clothing)and let us know you saw us on Karen's blog!! We would LOVE to talk to you!! I have to say, if you haven't already picked up some of Karen's dolly mail cards, be sure to do it!!! I bought some that arrived the other day and they are just PERFCET!!!!!!

    Thanks again Karen, and everyone who took the time to read about us today :)

    ~Rich, Nicole, Mikayla, Dena, Mara, Bethany, Savannah, Alex & Alysia!

  3. Nicole recently sold me a dress on ebay, although there was a small error in the shipment, she quickly remedied the situation and went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy. A great gal to do business with! 5 star company!!