Sunday, April 15, 2012

The most wonderful gift you could give a family who is missing a loved one...

Thanks to Pinterest I have found some amazing things, recipes, ideas and doll related items. None have moved me to tears the way Daddy Dolls has.

Daddy Dolls Inc creates a Doll in a loved one's likeness for your child to hug and love in their absence.
" Recommended by Child Psychologists, Our Original Daddy Dolls™ and Hug-A-Hero™ dolls, which feature our Brave Mommies or Distant Loved Ones have helped thousands of children cope with the stresses of separation. Whether you are deployed with the military, traveling for business, or a grandparent living across the country, our Daddy Dolls™ and Hug-A-Hero™ dolls will keep you close to their hearts and just a cuddle away."

"Simply upload or email your head-to-toe photo. We'll edit out the background and create a custom doll with your image that is soft and hugable. By using an advanced printing technology, combined with our soft micro-fiber fabric, we are able to produce a "no-feel" image that is dyed into the fabric, so it won't peel or crack and is completely machine washable."

"All Daddy Dolls™ and Hug-A-Hero™ dolls feature our exclusive Keepsake Pocket™. We also offer FREE text printed below each photo, and voice recorders can be added to further personalize your doll." 

Jennifer of Daddy Dolls Inc.   tells me  "The cost is:   $23.95 + shipping for a Small (12") doll,   $27.95 + shipping for a Large (17") doll.  We do ship internationally and to APO/FPO's."

I was so touched not only by the idea of these dolls but moved to tears by the wonderful customer appreciation photos posted on their website.

In addition to doing Daddy Dolls, this wonderful company will create dolls or any loved one you like, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.

I know first hand the healing power of doll play  and I can not think of a more wonderful doll to give a child, parent, loved one.

This wonderful company also offers a way non military families can help give back to those who give so much to us. Operation Hug A Hero  will send families in need a special Daddy doll. To meet the criteria they consider the following

  1. Families of fallen heroes
  2. A family with a community services referral (e.g. Chaplain, Family Services Coordinator, School Counselor, etc.)
  3. Children with special needs registered with the EFM program
  4. Household income
  5. Number and age of children in household
  6. Date of deployment
  7. Length of deployment

If you wish to donate to this amazing program you can do so by visiting  Operation hug a hero by clicking here

Both Operation Hug a Hero and Daddy Dolls offer some wonderful information on seperation tips
and News and Resources for military families. I highly recommend these websites and these dolls.

I hope you will forgive me for not offering American Girl Doll info today but I can see so many Daddy Dolls attending Tea Parties and every day doll play with our 18 inch beloved dolls, I hope you can see it too.

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  1. These r great for children who have a family member in the army/military or something like that there perfect thanks 4 posting about this intresting new type of pillow/doll/toy.

  2. I also love this idea for children who live apart from family members,I am so thrilled to be able to share this with all of you.

  3. My sister made something like this for her son so he could learn who all his family members were. What a great idea!