Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ask Jillian Wednesday, week 3 how to make After School Snacks to impress your friends!

This week I got some really fun emails at , this one was from a reader who wanted to know how to make an after school snack to impress her friends...
I LOVE FOOD! I also love science and here is a great doll snack and people snack to enjoy!
I think that deserts are least that is what I like to make and I love cake and cupcakes!

My favorite are the ones Karen made for me using Polymer Clay...
She says to find out how to make these you can click here.

We also really like making real people after school snacks and found a great recipe on Pinterest  called 3-2-1 cake.
You will love this if you are someone who can and likes to make their own after school snack!

You will need:
1 box of Devil's food cake
1 box of Angle food cake
1 large zip lock bag
1 sharpie marker
To start with we need to make our 3-2-1 After school Kitchen Science Impress your friends with your cooking skills cake mix....

Open the large zip lock bag, Open the cake mixes and pour the mixes into the zip lock bag. Zip it closed. Mix it by shaking it. Once you have combined your mix.

 Use your sharpie to write:
3-2-1 Cake Kitchen Science Impress your friends with your cooking skills cake mix.....
This mix will make lots and lots and lots of after school snacks! You should also write the instructions for how to make the cake on the bag as well.

Now try out your mix....
You need
Your mix
A microwave
A coffee mug
A tablespoon measuring spoon
A spoon to stir

In to your  coffee cup place three tablespoons of your cake mix (be sure to zip your bag shut when you are done!). Next add two tablespoons of water and stir until it is all mixed together. Then put the spoon in the sink and place your coffee mug in the microwave on high for 1 minute. Press start.  Wait 1 minute.  Remove your cake from the microwave, it will be hot!

You can then un mold it on to a plate or eat it in the mug....and there you go a very impressive after school snack!
 "I dusted mine with icing sugar! So yummy!"~Says Karenmomofthree

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  1. My grands would enjoy the mixing of this, but need supervision with the microwave. It would be a great snack to serve on the pretty Easter table posted yesterday! Or at any doll party really!

  2. Why thank you Granof4! It is a favorite at our house!