Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! A surprise package I recieved!

Today is my birthday. It is also my twin nieces Cadence and Hannah's birthday. 
Last week I received a surprise package from my friend "Skippy's Mom" a lady in my Swap-bot Swap group.
She sent me so many lovely surprises.
The outfit in the photo Chrissa is wearing above just blew my mind!
It has the Happy Birthday print on the front but is fully reversible!
With out the Dress the outfit has even more doll play potential

This amazing package even contained 11 bathing suits for all my dolls
This wonderful lady's package went on and on.....Jillian even got a new outfit!
I love, love,love the shirt and the shorts even have Frogs on them!!!!
Even more to open with the last outfit in the box being the Tea Swap outfit from our swap-group
I am so truly blessed with wonderful family, friends, blog followers, and Nieces to share my birthday joy with ...
Thank you all for sharing in my on line birthday and to my friend Carol "Skippy's Mom" for constantly making my day with her Surprise Dolly Mail

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  1. Karen,
    The frog outfit is too cute!! I lI've frogs too!!


  2. Happy Birthday!! So nice of the lady who sent you all that stuff!

  3. Happy Birthday! :) I would have sent you a package if I had known :D


  4. You are all so kind thank you! I feel very spoiled!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to a dear and thoughtful friend. I love your blog and love swapping with you. You inspire me. - Skippysmom

  6. You are too kind! Thank you for all my lovely presents!

  7. happy birthday!!! what fun gifts! it's easy to see your ARE loved and it's easy to see WHY!!

  8. That was soooo very nice of skippysmom, she is amazing!!!! Love it!