Sunday, April 29, 2012

Devine Doll Designs Etsy shop and family adventure

I love Tea time, tea parties and more so I was drawn to Devine Doll Designs Etsy shop 
This family run Etsy shop offers some wonderful doll sized delights as well as items made by mother daughter team. Who were inspired to launch their own shop.
 I always love to know which dolls people have and what they name them, Cherra, Mom and Shop owner shared the names of their dolls with me.
"We have JLY #39 who we named Reece and Marie-Grace who we renamed Holly."

As Doll lovers this mother daughter team told me what motivates them to create.

"What motivates us to create is to offer creative, never-done-before items that will enhance play and displays."

"We love creating the wood items, clay food, and clothes."

 I love that doll play brings mothers and daughters together and that Etsy provides a place for family entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.
To visit Devine Dolly Designs Etsy shop please click here

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