Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ask Jillian Wednesday, week 4

This week I received some great emails from you readers and I hope you will keep them coming!
Today's post is from a reader who just moved schools and wanted to know how long it will take her to feel like she belongs.....
"Dear Jillian,
 My family just moved to a new city and I just started at a new school. It is already April and all the kids in my class have been together since September and I just do not feel like I fit in. With school being over in June, should I even try to make friends or just wait until September and try then?
 Thanks for your help, 
 New Kid in class"

Dear New Kid in Class,

I am so glad you wrote me. I agree it must seem really hard to start a new school in a new city midway through the school year. I would recommend trying to make friends now! The sooner the better. Everyone is new once and it may seem really tough right now, but it will get easier.  Start with a friendly smile, or a simple compliment to one of your classmates.  Pay attention to what the kids in your school are interested in, see if you can tell what they are good at. Compliment them on how well they did in gym, music or on their hair or shirt, a small compliment can go a long way. Maybe they are reading a book you already read or liked and you could talk about the book, take a look when you are in the Library at what the other kids are reading, you never know maybe you will make a new friend and find a great new book series to read!
I hope this helps,


  1. Jillian, you have great tips, I anticipate every week's post!

  2. Thank you Reece! We appreciate it!

  3. Thank you so much for answering this question... I moved from one province to another last year, and it took FOREVER for me to make friends. Fast forward one year later, and I finally have some friends. It's a small amount, but I have FRIENDS!!!!!