Friday, April 27, 2012

A line full of love Swap I

In March I had a swap in my swap group called a line full of love. Each of us had to make our partner's doll a dress, pants, shorts, socks, a skirt and a shirt. Attach it to a line like a clothes line, I used a cream yarn and I attached the clothes with doll sized sparkling pink clothes pegs and I have also included a small laundry bin, which I found at the dollar store in a set of 4 for $1.25
I had so much fun setting up a line full of love that I had to stage and play with it!
I sent to one of my favorite partners to receive from I hope her granddaughter will be thrilled!
I also love my American Doll Room. Inside and out it has so much play potential!
My partner sent me

I LOVED what my partner sent, underwear, hair clip, scarf,dress, socks, shorts, skirt, t-shirt with the cutest Elephant on it and Capri's!  My partner totally spoiled me!

Laura one of my nieces with My London Girl Olivia in some of the items my partner sent!
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  1. Wow!I REALLY need to join Swap-Bot!

  2. Your Swap=Bot group definitely opened up a whole new dolly world for me, and I love it. I printed that picture out of your neice (hope you don't mind) and pinned it on my bulletin board by my computer. I dont have any little girls to make things for because I am swimming in sons and grandsons, so it really made my heart happy to see her with the doll and the outfit!

  3. I am thrilled! I too am a mom of three boys but I love sharing the outfits between myself and my 5 nieces. Thank you!