Saturday, April 7, 2012

A spotlight on a young Etsy shop owner and blogger!

Today I wanted to bring you a spotlight on a young Etsy shop owner who is enthusiastic about her work and dolls and earning her own money selling items she makes for her dolls. This very entrepreneurial young lady is  Monica of Monica's Doll Designs.
Monica got started by watching  American Girl doll videos on Youtube and in most of the Youtube channels there was a link to Etsy! So, she decided to open her own shop.

Using her  3 American Girl dolls just like you # 24 , # 42, #49 she models her work for her photos.

  Monica tells me that  she  likes making American girl doll hats and scarfs ( made out of yarn ) as well as sewing!

Monica currently only ships within the USA and her creations are offered at $7-$12.

  Monica says "It probably takes me 2 hours to make an American Girl doll hat, but for a scarf it takes me about 1 hour and a half. For sewing it depends on what I'm making, If I'm making a dress for an American girl doll, it would probably take me about 1 to 2 days to make the dress."
To visit Monica's Etsy shop please click here

In addition to having her own Etsy shop Monica also has a blog! To visit her blog click here 

I think it is wonderful to see up and coming young lady designers on Etsy and I am so happy to share her work with you.
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  1. I love the hat set in the last picture. The link for the blog isn't working for me.

  2. Thank you Shelly, I am not sure why it was not working but it is now! Thank you again!
    Here is the address if the link stops working

  3. I just wanted to say thanks again for doing this for me!


  4. Can you please tell what year this 42 us from. She seems to look different from the one on the store now? I am trying to get your version?

    1. this post is from a few years ago my guess is she is from before 2011, She belonged to the lady I wrote the post about.