Monday, April 16, 2012

Mixed up Meets fun!

Here are some of the wonderful entries we received!
Priya's Entry
An Entry by Barb

Madelon's entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4 
 Entry 5
Entry 6
Entry 7 
Entry 8 
Entry 9
Entry 10
Entry 11
Entry 12

Chloe's Entry

 Shauna's entry

Thank you to all who entered this fun photo contest!

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  1. Kit wearing Emilys Dress!
    JLY#39 Wearing a non-ag dress!
    Cecile wearing Smanthas Dress!
    Chrissa wearing Kits outfit!
    Kanani Wearing Lanies Outfit!
    Elizabeth wearing Ruthies Outfit!
    Samantha Wearing Elizabeths Dress!
    Julie wearing Chrissas Dress!
    Cecile Wearing Elizabeths Dress!
    Kit wearing Julies outfit!
    Cecile in Marie Graces Dress!
    Marie Grace in Kananis Dress!
    Kit in Elizabeths Dress!
    Marie Grace in Chrissas Dress!
    Nicki in Ruthies Dress!
    Mia in Julies Outfit!MAG #39 in Mias Outfit!
    Kirsten in Samanthas Outfit!Samantha in the JLY outfit!Julie in Nickis Outfit!

  2. And the winner is Chloe! Thank you all!