Saturday, April 28, 2012

AJ's Fantastic Furniture!

Every now and again I am lucky enough to get emails from my readers who take ideas seen here on my blog and make them even better. AJ contacted me and sent me photos of how she made her daughters couches and beds. I am so thrilled to share the photos with all of you today!

AJ tells me that she took ideas from my blog on how to make a couch and a bed and "I added foam to my cardboard boxes after they were duct taped and then I “upholstered” them with scrap material and a glue gun. Then added the final pillows and “tufted” them with a button. I also made a doll bed for my youngest out of a basket and wire garden fencing as well as added her pick of bedding."
AJ is a fantastic crafter who shares her ideas with other moms in her area, giving them the confidence they need to create doll play items for their daughters! I love Moms who do this!

"Another thing I wanted to share is that I sew but most of my friends do not so I showed them how to create dollar tree doll clothes with a hot glue gun!  We have Star Mail that goes out monthly for her friends with craft ideas, puzzles, activities etc…"

 I always want to know and share with others the types of Dolls other doll lovers have and I am thrilled that AJ agreed to share these fantastic photos of her beautiful Daughters and their dolls. 

" I received Samantha when I was ten years old and my oldest currently has 2 madame Alexander dolls she is adopted from central Asia and is 100% involved in her dolls with her friends.. She will be receiving an AG doll for her birthday. I enjoy making crafts and sewing. I just finished making 6 doll sleeping bags for every friend coming to our end of the school year sleepover."

" My youngest currently has an inexpensive  18 inch doll (she is just 3) and loves it all since her sissy does"

I am so thankful to all the Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts and Doll lovers who read my blog and to all of you who create and share your time and creativity with others. Thank you AJ for sharing your wonderful crafts and photos with us today. 

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