Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spotlight on the Mini's a great find!

Proving that there is lots of doll play value in the mini dolls, I wanted to share with you a great find!
This plastic Tub shaped soap dish is the perfect mini doll sized bathtub!
With just a bit of cotton batting Kit can enjoy a luxurious bubble bath in her claw foot tub!
Now I got mine from Avon years ago but  I did find the same ones for sale on line!
 Pittstown Soap Works has 29 of these in stock for $8.00 on line! (at the time of writing this!) You can view their shop by clicking here
I bet you may be able to find these in your local thrift stores, bath and body shops as well, just keep your eyes open and you may find just what you are looking for!

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  1. We got one at bath and body works at Christmas time. Gwen uses it in her princess castle but I will show her this idea.