Friday, April 27, 2012

Decobloc the perfect Mothers day gift and craft!

I recently discovered a fantastic reusable craft glass block that I received from Quality Glass Block and I love this product. With mothers day just around the corner I made my Decobloc into a gift that keeps on giving. Here is how I did it.
You will need
-1 Decobloc from Quality Glass Block click here for their website
-Scrapbook paper
-1 velum sticker with a saying you adore, Mine says ("Forever" on it)
-Glass pebbles
-1 battery operated tea light
-Matching ribbon

Step 1 measure and cut your scrapbook paper to fit inside the block. The removable lid on the  

Decobloc makes slipping the paper in very easy!

Step 2 place your velum sticker on the front where ever you like, I placed mine in the center

Step 3 add your glass pebbles

Step 4 add your battery operated light
* You can also add a light source that plugs in with Decobloc's versatile lid tops you can easily feed the cord through the lid on it's side and then the cord into the wall outlet. You would have to turn your block on it's side if you were using pebbles like I did.

Step 5 place the lid on your Decobloc and wrap your ribbon around, tie a bow or knot as you wish and your Decobloc is ready to give and  enjoy!

I love that you can change your Decobloc time and time again, make a family tradition of changing your Decobloc with the seasons, holidays or even just for rainy days.

Other ideas for your bloc
- Print a family photo in black and white on transparency paper and create a glass bloc frame
-Decobloc makes a wonderful vase
- Decobloc makes a great time capsule
- Print out bible verses, quotes or sayings that make you smile and fill your jar with love!

Here are some links to some wonderful blogs that use Quality Glass Block's Decobloc to create wonderful additions to any room

Thank you to Quality Glass Block for sending me this wonderful product to review. To visit Quality Glass Block please visit their website by clicking here

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