Saturday, April 14, 2012

Make your own American Girl bank with a DECOBLOC for crafting!

I was sent a DECOBLOC Glass for crafting to review and what fun this blank canvas is!!!
I had so much fun making myself a bank to save for my next dolly purchase using American Girl Stickers from the craft store, a postcard from my Dolly Mail collection (you can use a photograph or images of what you would like from the American Girl Catalog!)
To create my Dolly Fund and Wish List bank I used the easy  coin bank insert included in the Decobloc kit
I loved how it turned out and I had to make a few more!

I love Garden Gnomes and I thought Decobloc made a great Gnome home 
My boys all loved Thomas the Tank Engine and as they get older I love the idea of making and keeping this Decobloc shadow box as a memento.

My boys each want one to create their own blocks.

 Nicholas wanted to make  Lego DECOBLOC display

  Oliver wanted to do a Mario and Sonic themed DECOBLOC 

and Alex wanted to make an Angry Bird Display.
A huge thank you to Quality Glass Block for the opportunity to review this fantastic product.
Decobloc Glass Blocks for Crafting  would make a great party craft or rainy day activity. There are three attachments for the top that can allow you to even make a light or a fish tank out of the Decobloc in addition to the "bank" option!

You can find Decobloc on line at The Home 
and on line from Quality Glass Block 
I really enjoyed reviewing this product and think you will will also have a great time designing your own Decobloc, I would love to see what you come up with!

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