Friday, April 13, 2012

Step by Step, how I make my Polymer Clay Cupcakes

I was asked to show how I make the doll cupcakes step by step 
I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful!
To make a doll size cup cake you will need:
-3 different colors of oven bake polymer clay
-1 toothpick
-wax paper to work on
-an oven safe dish with a piece of paper to bake your creations on

Step 1- Always start with your lightest color, in this case it is white icing.
Depending on how high you want your cupcake your snake should be made from 1/4 of the white clay square. You can add more if you want a really tall cupcake, or take away length if you find your icing is to high. 

Step 2- Coil your snake shape to create your icing top and set aside.
 Step 3- Make your base out of 1/2 of your color base. I shaped mine with my hands into a square but you can make yours in a circle if you wish.

Step 4- Use your toothpick to create your "wrapper lines" , go all around your base.

Step 5- Top your base with your icing and press gently your icing into the base.
Now your cake is ready to bake. Bake your creation according to the directions on your clay. Then let cool and serve to your dolls!

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  1. Thank-you for another interesting and informative post. I've never worked with the polymer clay because I thought you had to prep it by kneading it a long time. Is it just open and use?

  2. I find that it is open and use. The fresher the clay the easier it is to work with, I test the package and make sure it moves a little to make sure. The more you work with it the easier it gets.

  3. Thanks for the info! I think I'm going to try some doll food craft soon. Those cupcakes are making me hungry!