Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Check Out My Rit Dye Experiment! An Infinity Scarf Tutorial For Your Doll!

I was recently sent some Rit Dye to try and I have to say I am now obsessed! Anything I now see white I will tell you I am looking at and thinking about what I can do to it to make and dye something new for my dolls. Giving myself a 90 minute window to create this craft I set out to see what I could make in this time frame.
Today I share with you my experimental tutorial so you can try it out as well!
To make your own dolly infinity scarf you will need:
-Rit dye (I used Cherry Red)
-A glass jar
-1/4 cup salt
-2 cups hot tap water
-A squirt of dish soap
-A spoon
-A measuring tape
-A pair of scissors
-Stretchy fabric like Jersey or cotton I had some left over skulls and cross bone fabric I thought would look great dyed a Cherry Pink-Red
-Sewing Machine
-A timer
-Rubber gloves

Step 1- Cut your fabric so that it is 20 inches long and 5 inches wide
Step 2- Assemble everything you will need to Jar dye your scarf
Step 3- In your jar place 1/4 cup of salt, 1 squirt of dish soap, one cap full of liquid Rit Dye
Step 4- Add 2 cups of hot tap water
Step 5- Use your spoon and stir until the salt is dissolved
 Step 6- Place your strip of material into the jar and use your spoon to make sure it is covered. Cover it with the lid, shake if you would like and let sit. I let mine sit one hour. Set your timer, if you want a darker color let it sit longer!
 Step 7- Remove the fabric from the jar. Cap the jar and save for another project or more material as their is enough dye for many projects!
Step 8- Rince the fabric under cold water until it runs clear. I heat set my fabric in the dryer.
Step 9- Once dry, match the short ends with right sides together as shown in the photo above and stitch the ends together. Trim and turn right side out.
Step 10- Stretch your loop of fabric as shown in the photos above and then twist and loop as shown.
Place over your dolls head and use as a scarf, or use as a hair band!
I am so thrilled with how this turned out and how easy this Rit Dye method is. This would be a great project for a doll themed party or sleep over craft, I would sew the scarfs first and let the girls pick their colors! Once the dye is set and the item dried this makes a great take home accessory.
I can not wait to try more doll items created with Rit Dye!
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  1. I love dying things!! check out the breaking black tutorials on youtube :) Im about to knit our new Daniella Sisterhood doll a skirt with some yarn I dyed with food colouring

  2. I've been thinking about making infinity scarves. Thank you for sharing how. Love the pattern and the color. :)

  3. I can not wait to see what you both make remember to send me a photo to karenmowen@gmail.com !