Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Create A Choir Robe or Angel Costume For Your Dolls This Holiday Season, With Patterns by Donna Cotterman

I love these patterns I found in Mrs. Cotterman's Etsy shop. Mrs. Cotterman is one of the first people I met in the Adult American Doll Collecting Community and one of the best resources I had when I started sewing for my nieces American Girl Dolls and when I started my blog.
 These remind me of the ones I wore when I was a little girl in choir!

 This Choir Girl and The Angle Pattern is offered at $5 on DonnaCotterman's Etsy Shop.
If you are looking to set up your dolls doll play wardrobe with some fun outfits you made, that will make your holiday memorable check out Mrs. C's Pattern and Etsy shop by clicking here! Don't forget to email me photos with your dolls wearing the completed project! 
Click here for Mrs. C's Shop and Listing. 
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  1. What a sweet pattern! I love seeing something so unlike what the doll makers are producing that really relates to little girls' lives. Well done.